Jive-Ass Holiday Movie


The first ten pages of my screenplay LASER SWORD JONES VS. THE JIVE-ASS SPACE MONSTER can be found in my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH available on Amazon.


And I have a few videos on YouTube about Laser Sword Jones PART 1PART 2PART 3

Chainsaw Zombie Sleepover – Horror Movie Parody


It was just a normal sleepover for three friends until a psycho killer broke loose. Also, zombies from another dimension with chainsaws. Watch the Video on YouTube. But, look out, cuz the girls also have chainsaws. (Very) loosely inspired by the 80’s horror classic The Slumber Party Massacre.

My new screenplay, CHAINSAW ZOMBIE SLEEPOVER has everything a horror movie needs: violence and half-naked teenage girls! If you love Sci-Fi Horror Comedy, check out my T-Shirts!

They Kept Hitler’s Head


They Kept Hitler’s Head! And did weird stuff with it! A parody of the b-movie classic The Madmen of Mandoras (AKA They Saved Hitler’s Brain!) GET THE T-SHIRT!